Brad Wall, Trent Wotherspoon share Saskatchewan Christmas messages

Premier Brad Wall, Opposition leader Trent Wotherspoon and Lt.-Gov. Vaughn Solomon Schofield share Saskatchewan Christmas messages. File / Global News

Premier Brad Wall, Opposition leader Trent Wotherspoon and Lt.-Gov. Vaughn Solomon Schofield all shared their 2016 Saskatchewan Christmas messages on Tuesday.

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Christmas message from Premier Brad Wall:

Christmas often brings out the best in people. We open our hearts. We look for opportunities to give.

But what is really amazing is the number of people who keep this Christmastime spirit alive the entire year.

I may be completely biased but I happen to think we have an abundance of those people in Saskatchewan.

Like employees at a Saskatchewan oil company, who in the middle of great financial stress in their industry, lent a helping hand.

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They raised more than $130,000 to help an injured co-worker and his family when they needed that support the most.

Like the 100 year-old gentleman from Maple Creek who is not sure how many years he has been volunteering. Maybe 40. Maybe 50. Maybe even 60.

And he says he’s gonna go on as long as he can. And I believe he will.

Like the community of Meadow Lake who banded together to raise money for a local musician facing a medical crisis.

She gave the gift of her love for music to others. Now a gift of love is returning to her.

I am so proud to be a fellow citizen of this province.

I can’t say enough about the many, many people in our province who give of their time and energy to those in need of some help and maybe even some encouragement.

People who understand what it means to shine a light into someone else’s life. Knowing that one small candle in the midst of darkness can spread light and hope.

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a tiny baby. The Light of the World.

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The Son of God who stepped down from heaven and came to walk among us.

To heal us, to love us, to live as we live.

And His message of love and peace has not changed in over 2000 years.

It is still the message of Christmas today. Joy to the world. The Lord has come.

This year let’s continue to share joy and peace, and spread love and good will to those around us. Together let’s shine our light and make a difference.

So from me and my wife Tami, and our family, and on behalf of my colleagues in the Government of Saskatchewan:

May the blessing of peace,

The beauty of hope,
the spirit of love,
and the comfort of faith
be your gift this Christmas season.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Christmas message from Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP) interim leader Trent Wotherspoon:

I love Christmas time in Saskatchewan.

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A blanket of snow. Lights. Festivities. And humanity often at its finest.

Like so many, our family will come together to celebrate, to reflect on the year gone by and to talk about the road ahead, as we enjoy our own Christmas traditions.

We will enjoy food and treats … likely far more than is needed.

Hopefully we’ll burn some of that off enjoying the outdoors – snow shoeing, tobaganning, playing some outdoor hockey, and getting out for some ice fishing.

Stephanie and I look so forward to sharing this Christmas with our two-year-old son, who’s very excited for the season.

It’s also important to us to instill in him, what Christmas is really all about.

That it’s about so much more than presents under a tree.

That it’s more about giving, than receiving.

And that the celebration of Jesus’ birth, serves as a reminder to share his message of peace, love, and goodwill.

A reminder of ‎the need to put these values into action throughout the year.

These reminders … these lessons … underpin that strong sense of community and compassion that has built the province we all love.

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These values, which are shared by many faiths and many peoples, are on full display everyday by so many across Saskatchewan.

They are why we look out for the most vulnerable among us.

Why we look out for those who are suffering.

So, while we find valued time to come together during the holidays to celebrate and share our blessings.

We must never forget that there are those who are unable to gather and are left alone, even during this special time – without peace, love, happiness or health.

We must never forget that looking back on the past year, means dealing with hardships for so many.

Sad and tragic losses. Despair and darkness. Struggles and strain.

We think too of those who have suffered, through natural disasters, war, or acts of violence, abuse, racism, or any forms of hate.

From this, we strengthen our resolve and efforts for peace on earth, human rights and justice must be strong.

That we should do all we can to extend hope and opportunity, both afar and at home.

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That we must each do our part to bring a little more peace, happiness and love to one another.

And so many, do just that,

The Canadian Forces member that serves our nation to help establish peace and security,

The teacher or coach that goes the extra mile to help a child in darkness find peace of mind and safety,

The volunteer that steps up to help those fleeing violence and insecurity find stability and opportunity,

The neighbour that checks in on the isolated senior offering help and company.
and, the people of a community that pitch in to rebuild their community rink.

These are but a few examples, of what people from Saskatchewan do throughout the year to make lives better in ways small and large.

It’s what we do in Saskatchewan.

Because we know that we are all in this together.

And this, is the spirit of Christmas.

However, you choose to celebrate this season, I hope it’s a special one – filled with joy and laughter.

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On behalf of myself, my wife Stephanie, our son William, the Official Opposition, Saskatchewan New Democrats, I wish all celebrating, a very Merry Christmas, and I wish all the best of the season.

And health, happiness and opportunity in the New Year.

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Christmas message from Lt.-Gov. of Saskatchewan Vaughn Solomon Schofield:

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