Nordstrom sells out of $112 leather-wrapped rock

The popular U.S. department store chain was selling a $112 ($85 US) “Medium Leather Wrapped Stone.” . Screenshot

The holiday season is a stone’s throw away, and if you were hoping to buy that special someone a $112 leather-wrapped rock from high-end retailer Nordstrom, you might be out of luck.

The popular U.S. department store chain was selling a $112 ($85 US) “Medium Leather Wrapped Stone.” But it quickly sold out online.

“A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It’s up to you, but this smooth Los Angeles-area stone—wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather secured by sturdy contrast backstitching—is sure to draw attention wherever it rests,” reads the product description. A traditional hardening process gives the leather a beautiful ombré effect.”

The department store warned that “each piece is unique and will vary slightly.”

Nordstrom also offered a less expensive, smaller version of the stone but the $86 ($65 US) rock also sold out.

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Many on social media appeared to be baffled as to why Nordstrom would sell the rock, while many questioned whether it was a joke.

“Still trying to figure out if this $80 rock being sold at @Nordstrom is a joke,” Cayla Durrett tweeted.

“In 1975, the pet rock was a hot item at Christmas. Its back, and Nordstrom’s sold out on the $85 rock online. We are certifiably crazy!” Dr. Harry Schaumburg tweeted.

Some social media users were amused by some of the product reviews.

“Have to say that this is truly a beautiful product, but I had to send it back because there aren’t any doggone instructions,” a review reads. “I don’t even know how to turn the flippin thing on. I know you millennials know how to do all this new techno stuff, but help some of us old guys out, would ya?”

“As a single mother, it is often difficult to put food on the table for my 5 children. However, when I saw this piece of rock, I couldn’t help it but to purchase this item. Yes, no one in my family will eat this month, however I have a piece of rock,” another review reads. “The leather pouch wrapping the rock is just added bonus. “I can’t believe the rock is made by hand too! I was always told rocks were made through thousands of years of erosion, guess I was wrong…”

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A fake Twitter account was also created around the Nordstrom product.

While a Nordstrom spokesperson declined to comment to CNN about how many of the products were sold, the department store confirmed the rocks “are indeed real items for sale.”

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