Mystery surrounds loud explosions heard in downtown Vancouver

Fog over Cambie Bridge in Vancouver.
Fog over Cambie Bridge in Vancouver. Kristen Robinson, Global News

A number of users on social media report being woken up by some loud explosions in downtown Vancouver around 4 a.m. Tuesday.

But the origin of the noises remain a mystery at this time.

The Vancouver Police said they did receive a number of calls about the loud bangs but they don’t know the cause or the reason behind them.

Residents report hearing the noises in the areas of Seymour and Smithe, Robson and Richards, Nelson and Homer, Cambie and Nelson, and even Broadway and Cambie.

Twitter users told us the bangs were loud enough to wake up everyone in the house. They did not hear any sirens however.

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Did you hear it? Let us know.

The City of Vancouver has checked with film and special events teams, night time sanitation crews and night time sewers crews and no one is aware of any loud activity in that area.

BC Hydro also says it did not have any crews or activity in the area at the time.

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