Air Miles collectors who used up points they thought would expire are now outraged

Click to play video: 'Air Miles customers not happy with expiry deadline'
Air Miles customers not happy with expiry deadline
WATCH ABOVE: Air Miles collectors are fuming over a points expiry deadline reversal by the rewards company. Points previously were set to expire at the end of December, until the change was announced Thursday. As Reid Fiest reports, many had redeemed their hard earned points for trips and items they didn’t really want – Dec 2, 2016

Alysha Martel is one of many collectors upset with the consequences of Air Miles’ decision to cancel its point expiry at the end of December.

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She tweeted her disgust at wasting points she thought were expiring on a musical instrument, saying she would have used her 5,000 points on a trip instead.

"I did not need that ukulele!"
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Alysha Martel took a picture of the ukulele she regrettably ordered with 5,000 Air Miles that were set to expire at the end of the year. Alysha Martel

Flying away to an exotic destination has always been the goal for most Air Miles collectors.

Faced with expiring points at the end of the month, Margaret Dorval settled on a trip to Portland, Oregon.

“Now to learn we’re using up our points to go to a city that we really have no other reason to go, other than the fact that it was the only place available, I’m a little bit annoyed again!”

Patrick Sojka started and says many people he’s spoken to think this may be the final straw.

“I think even by nixing this expiry policy, Air Miles has a pretty sour taste in people’s mouths right now.”

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The company was already facing a class action lawsuit because of the expiry deadline and difficulties redeeming points.

Watch below: An Alberta man is proposing a class action lawsuit against the owners of Air Miles. Here is Sarah Offin to explain why.

Click to play video: 'Air Miles target of proposed class action after expiry date changes'
Air Miles target of proposed class action after expiry date changes

JSS Barristers’ lawyer Andrew Wilson says he may now expand the lawsuit to include victims who redeemed early, after receiving many inquiries Friday.

“Lots and lots of calls from people basically saying, ‘I’ve used my Miles, what do I do?” he said.

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Air Miles’ parent company Loyalty One says it won’t accept returns or refund points.

Many believe the change came in advance of a proposed law banning points expiry, proposed by Ontario MPP Arthur Potts.

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“We were heading to third reading on Monday and we’re still going forward with the bill,” he said. “There’s many things in the bill we want to protect, it wasn’t just Air Miles, it’s all loyalty points rewards cards.”

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Air Miles says the expiry reversal could end up costing the company over USD$250 million.

It warns the expiry reversal may make it harder to redeem rewards in the future.

Dorval says that only makes her decision to question her loyalty easier.

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