Edmonton man wins $7M lottery jackpot: ‘My wife and I have worked hard all our lives’

Suryanarayana Bora won Daily Grand's $1,000-a-day for life jackpot on Nov. 10. Courtesy, WCLC

An Edmonton man is now $7 million richer after winning the first top prize in Canada’s newest lottery.

Suryanarayana Bora won Daily Grand’s $1,000-a-day for life jackpot on Nov. 10. He chose to take the prize in a one-time payment of $7 million.

“My wife and I have worked hard all our lives and made sacrifices for our family. But we’ve haven’t had much extra,” Bora said in a media release.

The first thing he’ll do with the money is pay off the mortgage on his home and pay a few other bills.

“I’m just so happy to know that I will be able to take care of my family – now and in the years to come.”

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Bora purchased his ticket at a Petro Canada gas station in southeast Edmonton. When he realized he won the jackpot he went straight home to tell his family.

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“Saw my daughter and gave her a hug,” he said. “I told her and my wife. Then I called our other daughter and told her I had good news. She said ‘Did you win the lottery?’ It was like, ‘she knew!'”

The new lottery launched in late October. The Nov. 10 draw Bora won was the lottery’s seventh draw and the first with a top-prize win.

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