Emotional ‘Bachelorette Canada’ finale leaves viewers torn, in disbelief

Click to play video: 'Highlights from emotional season finale of Bachelorette Canada'
Highlights from emotional season finale of Bachelorette Canada
WATCH: Highlights from Tuesday's 'Bachelorette Canada' season finale – Nov 23, 2016

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Do not read on if you don’t want to know who was chosen on The Bachelorette Canada.

On Tuesday night, after months of dating and slowly whittling away the 20 men vying for her heart, the first-ever Bachelorette Canada Jasmine Lorimer chose her man: Kevin Wendt, 32, of Waterloo, Ont.

Lorimer selected Wendt over his co-finalist, 28-year-old Mikhel Sickand, who many viewers thought would win the bachelorette’s hand.

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Audiences sided with Sickand after Lorimer visited the homes and families of the final three suitors, and his family absolutely loved her. It was in stark contrast to her visit to Wendt’s home, where she was berated and antagonized by his mother.

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In the so-called Fantasy Suite episode — where the couple spends their “first night” together — Lorimer and Wendt had an argument, and he left the Suite in a snit.

Mikhel Sickand

“It’s hard for him knowing there’s another man in my life,” admitted Lorimer in Tuesday’s finale. “He walked out on me. And even though he came back and made it right, it brought up old fears. I can’t be with someone if I’m always afraid they’re going to leave.”

Kevin Wendt


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Throughout the season, Lorimer had further issues with Wendt’s apparent quick-to-anger reactions and possessiveness, while Sickand was visibly dedicated to her without any of the aggression. The only hint she gave about why she chose Wendt over Sickand was that there was more “chemistry” with the former. (But remember: this is reality television, and as such, many scenes are edited out or rearranged — there are countless hours of footage the audience has never seen.)

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The Twitter response to Lorimer’s choice has not been pleasant; some users attacked her for it and weren’t able to make sense of the decision. (You can read some of those tweets, below.)

Entertainment journalists were surprised this morning by an email from The Bachelorette Canada publicists saying that any Wednesday interviews with the new couple were cancelled from coast-to-coast. This left many wondering what happened after After the Final Rose.

This is a tiny selection of some online comments after she made her choice.

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Some people even referred to the third-place finisher, 29-year-old Mike Ogilvie of Winnipeg, Man., and how he would have made a better fiancé.

A smattering of Twitter users also expressed their support for Lorimer and what the experience must have been like on the show.

There are currently no announced plans for another Bachelor Canada or Bachelorette Canada season.


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