Fliss Cramman, hospitalized and facing deportation, detained for 30 more days

Fliss Cramman is shown in her hospital bed in Dartmouth, N.S., Thursday, Oct.20, 2016. Cramman, a 33-year-old woman facing deportation to the U.K., pleaded Thursday to be allowed to stay in the country she considers home, a day before a hearing that may shed light on her fate. The Canadian Press

Fliss Cramman, a hospitalized woman facing deportation to the United Kingdom after spending much of her life in Canada has been ordered to remain on a detention list for another 30 days.

Cramman, who is being treated at a Halifax hospital, has been held since June when the Canada Border Services Agency discovered she did not have Canadian citizenship.

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The 33-year-old mother of four was brought to Canada when she was eight years old, but her parents failed to get her citizenship and she is due to be deported by Dec. 16.

In 2014, she was convicted of offering to traffic heroin and sentenced to 27 months in prison, but was detained again when the border agency looked into her citizenship.

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Advocates say her health is fragile following several surgeries and should be allowed to stay in Canada, while being taken off the border agency’s detention list.

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However, at a detention review hearing on Friday, her lawyer John O’Neill recommended she remain on the detention list for another 30 days while advocates work to secure private funding for her health care needs, as federal agencies would not pay for her health care should she be released.

Another hearing is set for Nov. 18.

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