October 19, 2016 8:56 pm

Caught on Camera: Texas cop uses CPR to save boy’s life after he stops breathing

WATCH ABOVE: Incredible dash cam video shows Texas cop using CPR to save a little boy's life.


A Texas police officer is being called a hero after he used CPR to save the life of a three-year-old boy who had become unresponsive in a KFC parking lot last week.

And footage captured by the officer’s dashboard camera shows his desperate fight to save the boy’s life as his parents looked on.

Officer Chase Miller with the Granbury, Texas police department overheard his 911 dispatcher send paramedics to a local KFC location around 7 P.M on October 12. Since he was already nearby, Miller decided to respond to the call as well.

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When he arrived, Miller discovered three-year-old Brayden Geis, being held in the arms of his hysterical mother Bethany. The boy had become unresponsive and was not breathing after having a seizure.

“[His] lips were bright blue. He had an elevated pulse, so I began doing chest compressions,” Miller told CBS-11 news.

According to the boy’s parents, Brayden had been sick with a flu that developed into something worse. His mother gave him some ibuprofen to try and treat his rapidly rising temperature, and was resting him on her shoulder when she felt him go limp.

“[I] leaned him forward and he was having a seizure,” Bethany Hoover, 21, told ABC News. “[So] John called 911.”

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What followed was a tense race against time, as Officer Miller immediately began chest compressions. He then instructed Brayden’s father John on how to do the compressions, while Miller himself grabbed a CPR mask and began direct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

After two minutes of CPR, the boy took a breath.

“I was very thankful very relieved that he started breathing,” Officer Miller said. “He started coughing, he started crying.”

Officer Miller and Brayden, together at a special award ceremony honouring the officer for his quick-thinking.

Courtesy: City of Granbury

On Tuesday, Officer Miller was honoured by Glenbury Mayor Nin Hulett with a special “life-saving” award. An emotional Bethany Hoover told the gathered media she wasn’t sure how she could ever thank the officer for what he did.

“There is nothing I can give him for saving my son’s life.”

But Officer Miller says what he did was nothing special.

“I truly believe that any other officer I work with would have done the exact same thing,” Miller said.

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