When will Winnipeg see its first major snowfall?

Drivers navigate the streets under the first snowfall,
Drivers navigate the streets under the first snowfall, . Global News file

WINNIPEG –It’s still more than two months before the official start of winter in Manitoba.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll be waiting two months for snow.

Winnipeg has already seen a light dusting of snow, while northern Manitoba has already endured snowfall warnings.

So when will the city see its first snowfall that doesn’t melt away?

We looked at the last couple of years to see when the city had a snowfall that stuck around. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, the first snowfalls all happened in November.


In 2015, many Winnipeggers remember a fairly decent winter, by our standards.

The first snowfall was Nov. 18 with snow continuing into the next day. Around eight centimetres fell in the city.

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We also enjoyed a mild November before seeing our first major snowfall on Dec. 16.


In 2014, the snow came a little bit earlier.

The first snowfall was Nov. 10, but it wasn’t a lot.

We didn’t get much in the way of snow – but it did stay around.

Nearing the end of November we saw six straight days with overnight lows in the -20 C range or colder!

Global News file
Global News file. Global News file


In 2013, we had our fair share of snow; there’s no doubt about it.

The first snowfall came Nov. 17.

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Once again, amounts weren’t that high, but we did go on to see very cold temperatures for the next 10 days.

By mid-March we still had a lot of deep snow in the city – 58 cm!

By the end of January, Winnipeg had already received an entire year’s worth of snow totalling 160.2 cm.

Photo Credit: Daryle Friesen (St. Laurent, Man.)
Photo Credit: Daryle Friesen (St. Laurent, Man.). Photo Credit: Daryle Friesen


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