New flight service between Toronto and Niagara slow to take off

New Toronto-Niagara region airline put to the test
WATCH ABOVE: New Toronto-Niagara region airline put to the test

One month after launching its service to fly from Toronto to Niagara, Greater Toronto Airways is hitting some turbulence.

The company had billed itself as an alternative to driving through congestion and traffic on the QEW but the number of passengers has yet to peak.

“We have a lot more demand from the Niagara region than we do from the Toronto side,” said Chris Nowrouzi, CEO of Greater Toronto Airways. “Starting off here at 7 a.m., there aren’t many people aiming to be at the airport to go to Niagara Falls.”

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The company is already looking at changing its flight schedule, which currently has returning flights from Niagara-on-the-Lake at 8:30 a.m.

Afternoon flights from Toronto leave at 4:30 p.m. and take off to fly back from Niagara at 6 p.m.

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The length of the trip is touted as being between 12 and 15 minutes after takeoff.

Tickets are $85 one way and $159 for the round-trip.

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Global News recently tested the service from Billy Bishop Airport to the Niagara District Airport and the flight was delayed by 26 minutes due to a computer error in the company’s office at the airport.

The amount of time in the air was 13 minutes with just one passenger.

Three passengers, however, were set to board the seven-seater plane to Toronto upon arrival.

“It definitely does take a hit on us,” Nowrouzi said.

“We’re going to base a plane in Niagara to avoid the empty flight if it’s not necessary, so an airplane on this side and one airplane on that side.”

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The website for Greater Toronto Airways also offers packages for people to go on winery tours in Niagara.

The company plans on expanding its service to Collingwood and Muskoka in the future as well.