Black bear trapped in Squamish after couple attacked in their backyard

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Conservation officers have now caught a bear that attacked a couple in Squamish.

They had been searching for the black bear near the Garibaldi Estates area after the couple was attacked in their backyard on Thursday. Just before 8 p.m. they were sitting by a side door to their house when a medium-sized black bear came around the corner. It ran at the couple and hissed at them. The woman’s leg was scratched and the man suffered a scratch on his head but neither required stitches.

On Saturday, officers trapped the bear they believe is responsible. It will be relocated to a new area.

More than 20 bears are being tracked throughout Squamish’s urban neighbourhoods as they compete for food sources.

Now officials are reminding the public that even though it’s getting colder, not all bears are in hibernation yet as some will stay active up until Christmas.

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“Don’t compost your household items in your compost and if you do have compost, best have lockable compost,” said Insp. Murray Smith with the Conservation Officer Service.

“And maintain it, so it maintains the smells. And lastly, pick your fruit [off your trees] and get it off so these animals aren’t sticking around your communities and it’s better for the public and it’s better for the bears.”

So far six bears have been killed this year and with a month to go before the bears go to their dens for the winter, conservation officers do not want that number to increase.

Sightings can still be reported to the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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