Halifax golf course sees big bump in business thanks to weather

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Halifax golf course sees big bump in business thanks to weather
Indian Lake Golf Course in Hatchet Lake, N.S. expects to extend their season thanks to the warm, dry weather. Global's Natasha Pace reports – Oct 6, 2016

The hot dry weather Halifax has been experiencing in recent months is stretching into the fall, and though warm conditions may not be great for everyone, some businesses are thriving thanks to the weather.

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“We’ve been jammed up the last week and booked up for the next few days, so it’s been great for us.”

Herbeson says the golf season started early this year, with people hitting the course in February. If the nice weather continues, it’s expected to stretch the season even longer than usual.

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“We’ll stay open as long as there is no snow on the ground. A lot of courses will shut down in November but as long as there’s no snow, we’ll let everybody go out and play if they want to,” he said.

Indian Lake Golf Course says they’ve done 20 per cent more business in 2016 than they have in the previous five years. A large part of the increase is thanks to the weather.

“It’s hard to compare this season because it’s been so beautiful. It’s been a lovely, lovely season. I’d say probably a little bit better than most,” said Madge Hicks, who has been golfing once a week for the last 15 years.

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Even when the inevitable happens and snow starts falling, Herbeson says there’s no reason golfers can’t still get out and hit a few balls.

“Come the winter time, we have our simulators in there now, so people can come golf inside and play a bunch of different courses from around the world.”

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