Regina’s new Mosaic Stadium test run called ‘complete success’

Riders set to open up new stadium on Canada Day against Winnipeg . Kyle Galliver / Global News

The City of Regina is calling Saturday’s test event at the new Mosaic Stadium a “complete success”, according to Kim Onrait, executive director of city services and major projects.

16,500 attendees filled a planned one half of the available seats for the stadium’s first ever game.

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The University of Regina Rams defeated the University of Saskatchewan Huskies 37-29, but the game wasn’t the only win fans were talking about.

Public buses offered free rides from separate pick-up and drop-off points situated around the city, dropping off ticket holders directly at the front doors of the stadium.  Onrait said the approach was an attempt to change the transit behavior of stadium attendees.

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“[Saturday] had an 18 per cent intake in transit usage which is about three times as much as we normally would have at a Riders’ game,” Onrait said.
“One of the most positive things we heard was that when people left the stadium, transit was sitting right outside the door. [Fans] were able to jump on the bus and clear that space in a timely matter.”

Onrait admitted some parking and traffic issues still need to be ironed out. The Lewvan entrance, prior to Saturday’s kickoff, had major congestion — an issue officials are hoping to resolve by the second test event in May.

The first test event did not include parking permits. City staff were present outside the stadium monitoring and recording pedestrian and traffic flows.

“We will receive over the next number of weeks, consultant reports that will help us understand what improvements we need to make and to help better prepare for the event coming up in May,” Onrait said.

Fans also noted that audio levels in the south section of the stadium were very low, due to the speaker system being just partially installed.

The type of event that will be held in May has not yet been announced, but it has been clarified that vendors will be in their permanent places by the second test event, decreasing noted congestion in the concourse.

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