Cockroaches invading Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg entomologist says cockroaches could soon become the city’s number one pest.

Taz Stuart, with Poulin’s Pest Control, told Global News there is a spike in the number of cockroaches being found in apartments across the city.

“German cockroaches will probably be the new, number one pest in North America,” Stuart said.

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The entomologist said the pests are like bed bugs in the way they spread, with one female producing up to 100,000 roaches in less than a year.

Ashley Preston says her Winnipeg apartment is infested with cockroaches.
Ashley Preston says her Winnipeg apartment is infested with cockroaches. Ashley Preston
Ashley Preston
Ashley Preston
Ashley Preston

Ashley Preston said her home in downtown Winnipeg is infested with cockroaches.

“I am living daily with them infesting my kitchen and now I’m finding them in my fridge,” she said.

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Preston said she’s been battling the frustrating and unwanted house guests for just about a year. She said it’s become a disturbing reality for her and her five-year-old daughter, and will soon become a reality for her newborn baby.

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“Me and my daughter have actually gotten sick in the last year,” said Preston.

Stuart said sickness is in fact a possibility from these creepy crawlies.

“They’re very good at carrying bacteria diseases on their body. When they go in to food stuff you’re going to get sick from it,” said Stuart.

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Stuart reminds anyone finding themselves in a roach infested area to make sure they shake themselves off well when they exit, and especially check the bottoms of your shoes so as to not transfer the cockroaches to a new location.

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