Wanted: Your ‘Colour the Weather’ drawings

Snowball Fight, Colour the Weather. Global Edmonton

For the past two decades, young viewers have been joining our forecasts by sharing their artwork in Global Edmonton’s Colour the Weather. It’s a popular segment airing in both the weekend and weekday versions of Global News Morning and Global News at 5.

Mike Sobel is our weather specialist and Colour the Weather expert; not because he claims to be an artist but because he shares and interprets over 700 drawings every year.

The call for submissions is always open.

“The pictures are selected in order, based on when they were sent in. The artistic detail has no bearing. Every picture will eventually get on the show,” Sobel explained.

Global Edmonton Chief Meteorologist Jesse Beyer says he enjoys seeing how young weather watchers interpret weather.

“It’s subtle but when kids draw a rainbow they have to think of what colours they’re using or what colours the leaves turn in fall. When they draw a thunderstorm and include rain, hail, wind and lightning, it makes me happy to know they get what’s associated with every weather situation,” Beyer shared.

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Colour the Weather . Global Edmonton
Sunrise by Taylor, Colour the Weather. Global Edmonton
Springtime of Lemonade Falls by Jolie, Colour the Weather. Global Edmonton
Spring Blooms by Brooke, Colour the Weather. Global Edmonton

Colour the Weather tips:

Start with a blank canvas

  • Find an 8.5- by 11-inch letter-size paper.
  • Avoid paper with holes or lines.
  • All pictures are scanned before airing so what’s on the back can be just as important. Skip the back of a restaurant menu and start fresh.

 Fill with colour

  • Make your picture pop by colouring every inch of your paper.

“The most television-friendly pictures feature bright colours with good use of the space,” Sobel said. “In other words, don’t leave large blank areas. Also try to avoid small text. They’re very difficult to make out.”

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 Colour whatever

The segment may be called Colour the Weather, but we are open to more than just drawings of snowmen and flowers.

Your dog digging in the backyard, your soccer team scoring the winning goal, even your uncle fishing in the river would all make great pictures.

“Just use your imagination or look out the window and create what you see before your eyes,” Sobel said.

“I’d like to see a picture of you and your family enjoying your favourite activity in your favourite type of weather, ” Beyer added.

Put your name and age on the back

Don’t forget to include your name and age so we can give credit. Write it on the back so it doesn’t take away from the masterpiece.

Submit your artwork via email to

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