Georgian talk show ends in water-throwing fist fight between rival politicians

Georgian political affairs show ends in water-throwing fist fight between rival politicians
WATCH ABOVE: Once again, rival politicians in the ex-Soviet republic of Georgia came to blows on national TV.

For the second time in as many weeks, a brawl broke out between two Georgian politicians during a live television debate, with the parliamentary elections in the former Soviet Republic coming up in early October.

The politicians — Irakli Ghlonti, a member of the Reformists party, and Zaza Aghladze, a member of the Industrials party—threw glasses filled with water at each other during the debate on Iberia TV.

One of them accused the other of playing to a Russian narrative, which caused tension.

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“I will say it straight that the position of Gogi Topadze (leader of Reformist Party) is supporting the Russian narrative,” Ghlonti said.

“So you mean that we are traitors?” Aghladze replied, before the physical confrontation broke out.

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The parliamentary election in Georgia is on Oct. 8.