Prince William to Duke of Cambridge: staying relevant as a royal

WATCH ABOVE: Prince William is helping keep the royals relevant by continuing the work his mother and grandmother did before him. Dawna Friesen reports.

The photo ops and the endless handshakes of the 2016 visit to Canada are all part of being a royal–a duty Prince William has said he takes very seriously. He’s learned how to deal with the responsibilities from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who has described it as a job for life.

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As second in line to the throne, the Duke of Cambridge grew up watching his mother, Princess Diana, struggle to balance the demands of the palace with her role as a wife and mother. He endured the acrimonious break up of his parents’ marriage, and then, his mother’s tragic death.

FILE: Princess Diana.
FILE: Princess Diana. PATRICK RIVIERE/AFP/Getty Images

Never comfortable in the spotlight, he set aside royal duties for a time and trained as a pilot. He now works as a pilot of an air ambulance.

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“It’s rewarding when I come here to do this job and I look forward to coming here every day,” Prince William told the BBC in a previous interview.

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He and Kate have been criticized on social media for being “slackers” for participating in far fewer royal engagements than the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip.

But royal watchers say they’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

“They want to be seen as the human being behind the role; they want to look people straight in the eye and shake their hand,” said Monique Goffinet Miller, with the Monarchist League of Canada.

Watch Dawna Friesen’s report above to hear from an outreach worker at Victoria’s Cridge Centre, which is one of the stops during Will and Kate’s royal visit to British Columbia.