WATCH: Railway trespassers nearly hit by oncoming train in Northern Ireland

Click to play video: 'Trespassers on train tracks nearly hit by oncoming locomotive in Northern Ireland' Trespassers on train tracks nearly hit by oncoming locomotive in Northern Ireland
WATCH ABOVE: Video from on board a speeding train in Northern Ireland shows a pair of trespassers, who were walking along tracks inside a train tunnel, jumping out of the way of the locomotive – Sep 21, 2016

A major rail line in Northern Ireland released video on Tuesday showing two thrill seekers nearly being hit by a speeding train.

Translink Northern Ireland Railways shared the video in an effort to stop pedestrians from trespassing on train tracks.

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Footage from onboard a train travelling in County Derry shows a bystander warning the train conductor as the train enters a dark tunnel.

Seconds later, video shows two trespassers running from the oncoming train and diving out of the way just before the train would have struck them.

Translink said there have been 304 similar incidents on Northern Ireland railways since April.

“There are obviously serious risks associated with trespassing on the rail network,” Mark Atkinson, head of civil engineering at Translink, told the Belfast Telegraph. “Life changing injuries or even death.”

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According to Atkinson, not even “the fastest athlete on the planet could outrun a train.”

“Our trains travel at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour and if a driver has to apply the emergency brakes, it will take two-thirds of a mile for the train to stop,” he said.

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