Layoffs at Calgary-based ConocoPhillips Canada start this week

ConocoPhillips' Surmont Oil Sands Phase 1 in Canada.
ConocoPhillips' Surmont Oil Sands Phase 1 in Canada. ConocoPhillips

Layoffs at ConocoPhillips Canada that were announced in July are taking effect this week, with the most impact in Calgary, a spokesperson confirmed Sunday.

Employees learned of the dates last week, Rob Evans said in an email to Global News.

He said it was part of the company’s global plan to “align our organizational capacity with our planned activity over the next few years.”

“Approximately 1,000 employees will be impacted worldwide with about 300 in Canada (mainly at our Calgary head office),” he wrote.

 In a July statement, Evans had said low commodity prices along with the company’s inability to get product to new markets resulted in lower prices in Canada relative to other countries.

“Coupled with increased local cost pressures such as corporate taxes, regulatory compliance costs and property taxes, staying competitive in a global portfolio is a challenge for some parts of our Canadian business,” he said at the time.

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