‘Find my AirPods’: People think Apple’s new AirPods will be easily lost

Click to play video: 'Apple introduces wireless headphones called Air Pods'
Apple introduces wireless headphones called Air Pods
WATCH: Apple introduces wireless headphones called Air Pods – Sep 7, 2016

Social media users are baffled over Apple’s latest product announcement dubbed AirPods – a pair of wireless earbuds that look like Apple’s regular earphones, but without a cord holding them together.

The wireless earbuds were unveiled Wednesday, shortly after Apple announced the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The new models have been redesigned without a traditional headphone jack, signaling Apple’s push towards a more wireless world.

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AirPods will allow users to access Siri, use voice commands by tapping on the earbud and will work with other Bluetooth compatible devices – not just the iPhone 7 – but they will cost you $160.

But, according to social media users, the AirPods seem like they could easily slip through your fingers, go missing in the depths of your bag, or fall out of your ears altogether.

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This, of course, did not sit well with iPhone users.

AirPods seem to have become the butt of all iPhone 7 related jokes on Twitter and the subject of many memes.

The Sydney Morning Herald even pointed out that AirPods fall within the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Product Safety Choke Check – a tool that determines whether objects can pose a choking hazard to kids based on its dimensions.

To be fair, several reporters who had the chance to try the new AirPods following Apple’s event in San Francisco did a “shake test” to see if the AirPods would fall out, which they didn’t.

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Gizmodo‘s Christina Warren noted that while AirPods fit well and felt secure in her ears, she wouldn’t be brave enough to go running with them.

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