Calgary school bus driver ticketed for going 52 km/h through a school zone

FILE: A school zone sign in Calgary, Alberta.
FILE: A school zone sign in Calgary, Alberta. Dani Lantela/Global News

It was an eventful return to school for a Calgary school bus driver and a load of kindergarten students Tuesday morning. The driver was handed a speeding ticket in a seemingly familiar area.

Calgary police said they were monitoring traffic in a school zone while students returned for their first day of school with the Calgary Board of Education when the driver was ticketed.

The officer claimed the bus was travelling 52 km/h in the 30 km/h zone. The driver now faces a $185 fine if he/she pleads guilty.

Police are expected to release details later this week about how many people were ticketed in school zones across the city Tuesday.

Police said two school bus drivers were also handed tickets in playground zones during the first week of school last year.