Okanagan RCMP out in full force for back to school

RCMP and speed watch volunteers are stepping up enforcement on the first day back to school.

“We’re here to educate the public school zones are back in effect starting at 7:30 a.m. instead of the previous 8 a.m.,” said Kelowna RCMP Constable Jesse O’Donaghey.

“Motorists are starting to get the message.”

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So far only about ten per cent of drivers have been caught over the speed limit according to O’Donaghey with “only a small fraction well over the speed limit”.

For the month of September drivers in Kelowna will get a slap on the wrist if caught speeding before 8 a.m., unless they’re driving excessively over the limit.

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But RCMP warn come October there will be zero tolerance.

If you are caught speeding in a school zone the fine ranges between $196 – $253 according to ICBC, with excessive speeding costing you $368- $483.