Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois faces contempt charge in court

QUEBEC – Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the former co-spokesperson for the CLASSE student association, is in a Quebec City courtroom Thursday to face a charge of contempt of court.

“I’m here today to prove the fact that I am innocent,” Nadeau-Dubois told reporters.

The complaint against him was raised by a Université Laval student who obtained an injunction so he could return to class during the spring tuition dispute.

The evidence against Nadeau-Dubois is an RDI television interview which he says was not a call to defy the injunction.

“I cannot deny that I said what I said,” he added.

“What we will say is that is does not constitute contempt of court, that it was an opinion, that it was the opinion of a student spokesman.

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“It was not a voluntary attempt to block the course of justice.”