Calgary drone captures osprey eating dinner on a power pole

A Calgary home inspector has captured a bird’s eye perspective of an osprey eating a fish dinner on top of a power pole next to Deerfoot Trail.

Ron McDougall noticed the bird from his backyard in McKenzie Towne—and after unsuccessfully trying to capture video of the bird with his phone, pulled out his drone.

“The bird hardly paid attention to the drone and I was about eight feet away from it,” McDougall said.

The osprey is seen tearing the fish apart and slowly eating it piece by piece from the drone, before the machine flies further away from the pole to get a shot of the city.

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McDougall’s drone, which is used for inspecting the roofs of homes, was able to capture the footage without causing any bother to the bird.

“Making videos of wildlife with a drone is slowly becoming a hobby,” McDougall said. “I truly hope there are many more opportunities to video more of nature with it.”