Vancouver woman shocked to find baby skunk in leg hold trap

South Vancouver Leg Hold Trap. The Furbearers

A Vancouver woman was horrified after finding a baby skunk in a leg hold trap.

Wendy Sylvester said two baby skunks live in her south-east Vancouver neighbourhood near 49th Avenue and Fraser Street. Last Sunday morning she spotted one in her backyard trying to get under a fence, but it had a leg hold trap on one of its legs.

The skunk tried to hide under a pile of branches, said Sylvester, but after a two-hour wait it appeared.

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“It blasted my boyfriend right in the mouth,” she said.

They then caught it in a pillow case and put the baby skunk in a cat carrier. They drove it to Wildlife Rescue in Burnaby where it is currently in guarded condition.

Sylvester was stunned to see a leg hold trap being used in an urban area, adding “We have to co-exist with wildlife.”

The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals is offering a $1,000 reward to help find out who is responsible.

Director Michael Howie warns until details of the trap can be figured out, wildlife and pets could be at risk.

As for being sprayed in the face and having a car that smells like skunk, Sylvester says they would do the rescue all over again.

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