Footage shows 2 people throwing dead dog in Coquitlam dumpster

Surveillance video shows couple throwing dead dog into dumpster
The SPCA has released surveillance video of two people throwing the body of a dead dog into a dumpster. As John Hua reports, the dog appeared to have died from overheating.

The BC SPCA has released security footage showing two people throwing a dead dog into a Coquitlam dumpster.

Necropsy results show the dog, a young, female boxer-cross, likely died from hyperthermia before being tossed in the dumpster.

“Based on the necropsy results we believe the dog died from extreme heat exposure, where the body’s temperature is elevated beyond its ability to release the heat, resulting in a very painful death,” said Eileen Drever, senior animal protection officer for the BC SPCA.

The BC SPCA is now hoping someone will help them recognize the people or the vehicle involved.

“We are hoping someone will recognize the individuals or the vehicle seen in the security footage we have obtained, so that we can determine conclusively how the dog died and why she was discarded like garbage,” added Drever.

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The incident happened at 68 Schooner Street in Coquitlam on July 26. The footage shows a light-coloured mini-van pulling up behind the building and two people then getting out and throwing the dead dog in the dumpster.

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“If anyone has any information about the owner of this dog or what may have happened we urge them to please call the BC SPCA’s animal cruelty hotline at 1-855-622-7722,” said Drever.

The dog was wearing a blue and grey collar with a red and black leash (see below):

The dog was wearing this collar and leash. Credit: BC SPCA.
The dog was wearing this collar and leash. Credit: BC SPCA.

In 2013, Brian Whitlock pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after he beat his German Shepherd and left him to die in a Kitsilano dumpster. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

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