VIDEO: UBC employee caught trying to lure underage girl

Click to play video: 'Extended: Surrey Creep Catchers nab UBC employee'
Extended: Surrey Creep Catchers nab UBC employee
The Surrey Creep Catchers have been back at it, this time identifying a UBC employee. Watch the raw video of the encounter – Aug 22, 2016

A recent video from the vigilante team Surrey Creep Catchers allegedly catches a UBC employee while trying to meet an underage girl he met online.

The Surrey-based organization, headed by Ryan Laforge, has received criticism and acclaim recently for their attempts to bait potential pedophiles and confront them in person, all with the cameras rolling. Creep Catchers then posts their videos online.

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In one recent video, Creep Catchers confronts a man who says he works at the University of British Columbia.

The man pleads in tears and apologizes profusely.

“I’m going through lots of things right now… I’m very sorry,” he said.

“You sent a picture of your d*** to a 15-year-old,” said Laforge in the video.

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The man says he has two teenage kids and is currently separated from his wife.

The university has confirmed the man appearing in the video does work on the campus in the department of Student Housing and Hospitality.

“His role is exclusively administrative; in the workplace he has no direct contact with the public, including students,” said Leslie Dickson, associate director of public affairs at UBC, in a statement.

While Global News has chosen not to publish the man’s name, a court records search shows a man of the same name was charged in 2008 with four counts of communicating via computer to lure a child under 14.

Watch the full video above.

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