‘Colonialism No More’ takes down Regina camp after four months outside INAC

Dismantled tents wait to be packed up at the site of the four month Colonialism No More protest. David Baxter/Global News

After 126 days the Colonialism No More protestors packed up their camp in front of Regina’s Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAC) office.

The group had been set up near the corner of Albert Street and 11th Avenue since the Attawapiskat suicide crisis grabbed national attention in April.

That triggered “Occupy INAC” protests across the country. Many died down after a few days, but the Regina protest eventually became Colonialism No More.

“We’re ready to try and find that next step where we can continue what we’re doing, like talking about these issues and trying to meet with INAC,” Colonialism No More protestor Prescott Demas said.

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The primary goal of the group is to push INAC to work with communities to find concrete solutions to issues, including education and healthcare both on and off reserve.

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“Now that we’ve got INAC’s attention, now that we can start to bring up these issues and see what can be dealt with,” Demas said.

“Not no band-aid solution that they’re going to say we’ll deal with this, but it goes on the back burner and next year it’s still there.”

Over the past four months Colonialism No More and INAC met a number of times, including a public town hall session on Saturday where people could directly ask INAC officials questions.

The group made the announcement they’d be taking down the camp on their Facebook page, Sunday morning.

‘Colonialism No More’ takes down Regina camp after four months outside INAC - image
Colonialism No More/Facebook

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