China launches first ‘hack-proof’ satellite into space

Click to play video: 'China launches ‘hack proof’ quantum satellite' China launches ‘hack proof’ quantum satellite
China has launched the world's first quantum satellite, which state media says will help establish "hack-proof" communications. Natasha Howitt reports – Aug 16, 2016
China launches the world’s first quantum satellite into space, taking its scientists a step closer to developing what they say will be ‘hack-proof’ communications.

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Once in orbit, the satellite with use quantum technology to transmit keys from space to Earth.

These keys, state media says, are impossible to intercept or hack.

Any attempt to do so will cause the keys to self-destruct.

Xinhua says the satellite will allow for secure communications between Beijing and Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang where the government says it is fighting an Islamist insurgency.

The launch is part of China’s ambitious space programme as it seeks to establish itself as a space power.

The U.S. has voiced concern about the country’s growing space capabilities, but China insists it is all for peaceful purposes.

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