‘The Bachelorette Canada’: Bachelors revealed for dating show

Three of the Bachelors vying for Jasmine Lorimer's heart on 'The Bachelorette Canada.'.
Three of the Bachelors vying for Jasmine Lorimer's heart on 'The Bachelorette Canada.'. Corus Entertainment/W Network

Ten of the 20 eligible Bachelors vying for roses and Jasmine Lorimer‘s heart in the first season of The Bachelorette Canada have been revealed.

The men searching for love include a deckhand from Vancouver, a cowboy from Calgary, a bartender from Edmonton, a maître d’ from Montreal, and a firefighter from Waterloo.

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W Network will release more images of the Bachelors as the premiere date grows closer. Global News will update this post as more of their names are revealed.

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Thomas, 30
Hometown: Regina, Sask.
Occupation: International Model

After a serious injury put Thomas in a wheelchair and sidelined his construction career, he was forced to take a hard look at his life and his future. He decided it was time to take a leap of faith and entered a local model search in Regina, Sask. Today the 30-year-old travels the world as a successful international model. The extreme highs and lows of his personal journey have shaped Thomas’ Zen approach to life, and now he’s ready to take another leap of faith in order to find the perfect girl to share it with.

Chris, 30
Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Occupation: Inventor

Quirky, clever and funny, Chris is definitely one-of-a-kind. The 30-year-old inventor is a walking encyclopedia of information and cites his intelligence and creativity as his best attributes. Intense and always thinking, Chris describes his ideal mate as someone who is emotionally intelligent, humble, smart and charismatic. While none of his past relationships have lasted, Chris has remained friends with all of his former girlfriends. Now he’s ready to leave the “friend zone” behind to find true love with the Bachelorette.

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David, 26
Hometown: Windsor, Ont.
Occupation: Musician

David is a born entertainer and he lives his dream every day working as a musician, performing magic tricks for the children at the YMCA and even hosting his own online cooking show. To help him stand out among the 19 other Bachelors, 26-year-old David plans to use a combination of his unique sense of humour and easy-going nature to get the Bachelorette’s attention. He wants the Bachelorette to know he’s a pretty simple guy at heart who is looking to experience life to the fullest with the woman of his dreams.

Eddie, 32
Hometown: St.John’s, N.L.
Occupation: Canada’s Crush

Eddie is a 32-year-old proud east-coaster who won over the nation, receiving the most online votes to earn the title of Canada’s Crush and a coveted spot amongst the 20 Bachelors vying for Jasmine’s heart.  All of his life, Eddie has worked hard and played harder. Today, he almost has it all: a great job as an oilfield logistics coordinator, lots of friends and a close and loving family. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. Today, he’s ready to put his career – and party lifestyle – on hold to find the love of his life.

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Taylor, 31
Hometown: Collingwood, Ont.
Occupation: Oilfield Equipment Operator

The guys on 31-year-old Taylor’s oilfield frac crew might be right when they say he’s “too pretty for the patch.” At the very least, he has no problem turning heads with his booming voice and confident air. A family man at heart, Taylor lists his mom as his greatest hero for her resiliency and for always putting the needs of her family first. He is ready to build a family of his own and hopes the Bachelorette will prove to be the girl he can’t live without.

Mikhel, 28
Hometown: Ottawa, Ont.
Occupation: Aviation Engineer

As an aviation engineer, Mikhel has his dream job and the freedom to indulge his passion for motorcycles in his spare time. The only thing missing from his life is someone to share it with. Sensitive and thoughtful, Mikhel is not afraid to show his emotions and might even shed a tear during sad movies. A self-described “hopeless romantic,” Mikhel tends to fall hard and fast. Despite having his heart broken in the past, he is ready to put it on the line for the Bachelorette.

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Ross, 31
Hometown: Halifax, N.S.
Occupation: Welder


Energetic and adventurous, Ross describes himself as the “real deal.” Based in Halifax, N.S., the 31-year-old welder hopes his authenticity will set him apart from the other Bachelors. Fun-loving Ross prides himself on knowing how to balance good times with hard work. His ideal mate is someone who is loyal, ambitious and creative.

Kyle, 36
Hometown: Hamilton, Ont.
Occupation: Multimedia Content Producer


Standing tall at a jaw-dropping 6’8”, Kyle is an imposing figure, but this self-employed multimedia producer is a softie at heart, especially when it comes to cats. Always ready with a joke, he prides himself on his ability to diffuse tense situations with humour. Kyle is older than the average Bachelor, a fact he hopes will work in his favour. Self-assured and completely secure with who he is and what he wants out of life, Kyle is ready to show the Bachelorette what a real man looks like.

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Mike, 29
Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic

Mike is a dedicated firefighter/paramedic, charity organizer and heavy-metal musician. His greatest reward in life is connecting with the individuals whose lives he has saved. Mike is looking for a partner who will be his best friend forever and commit to building a happy and successful future together. He always puts 100 per cent into everything he does, and Mike wants the Bachelorette to know this experience will be no exception. Once he decides to pursue something, he is unstoppable.

Andrew, 29
Hometown: Toronto, Ont.
Occupation: Management Consultant


Andrew is a successful entrepreneur who turned his first profit in the second grade, selling toys on the playground at 100 per cent mark-up. He attributes his “hustle” to his parents, who taught him he could have whatever he wanted as long as he earned it. Andrew is looking for someone who is gorgeous, sweet, honest and genuine to share his life with. He hopes this life includes three golden retrievers, lots of children and a white picket fence. Andrew’s ready to bring the right girl home to meet his tight-knit family, including his identical twin brother.

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Scott, 27
Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Occupation: Carpenter

Scott describes himself as funny, smart and honest, but he admits he may initially come across as shy and quiet before he gets to know someone. The 27-year-old carpenter (and part-time model) is ready to step outside his comfort zone in hopes of meeting someone who is fun, easygoing and adventurous. Scott purchased his home at the young age of 22 and he’s hoping the Bachelorette will be that special someone he can share it with.

Tony, 27
Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Occupation: Cowboy

There is no stopping 27-year-old cowboy, Tony. After fracturing both heels in a rodeo accident, he amazed doctors and friends alike by rebounding from his wheelchair quickly and with a vengeance. Tony appreciates a strong physical attraction, but is more interested in making a special connection with someone who is natural, kind and as full of energy as he is. Tony’s high-octane approach to life has made establishing lasting relationships a challenge, but he’s never been one to give up.

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Drew, 32
Hometown: Toronto, Ont.
Occupation: VP, Medical Sales

Full of confidence, Drew prides himself on knowing how to relate to people. He has no problem meeting ladies, but he needs help finding “the one.” After a series of long-term relationships and a broken engagement, Drew has grown tired of the dating scene and is ready to use his considerable charms to win over the girl of his dreams. He is confident he will bring his best game to The Bachelorette Canada.

JP, 27
Hometown: Whistler, B.C.
Occupation: Butler in the Buff

JP, a 27-seven-year-old from Whistler B.C., has no problem donning an apron (and little else) as a Butler in the Buff at parties, but he’s more than just a pretty face. Well-educated and focused on personal development, JP also finds time to teach snowboarding, work as a personal trainer and volunteer for his favourite charities.

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Dana, 30
Hometown: Gatineau, Que.
Occupation: Disaster Search & Rescue

Determined to be a positive force in the world, Dana has dedicated his life to helping others. The 30-year-old disaster search and rescue worker from Gatineau, Que. counts his mission to the Philippines as his greatest and most rewarding achievement to date. Dana is a sensitive guy, but he also knows how to have a good time. He is currently taking break-dancing lessons to add to his repertoire of party tricks.

Kevin P, 35
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Occupation: Deckhand

Spontaneous and adventurous at heart, Kevin sold everything he owned (except his ukulele!), hit the road to pursue acting and modelling, and ended up travelling the globe for four years. Today, he is training to be a deckhand with the goal of creating a life that allows him to continue to live free and explore the world. Kevin is looking for a partner who is free-spirited and ready to jump on board his latest adventure.

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Wale, 28
Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Occupation: Occupational Therapist

Emigrating with his family from Nigeria has taught Olawale (a.k.a. Wale) that with hard work, perseverance and a great attitude anything is possible. The 28-year old applies his boundless energy and enthusiasm to everything he does in life, including dating. Outgoing and magnetic, Wale has no problem connecting with people or speaking his mind when the situation calls for it. Wale hopes his outgoing personality will catch the Bachelorette’s attention and ultimately win her heart.

Seth, 25
Hometown: Edmonton, Alta.
Occupation: Bartender

Seth is a recent business graduate with big dreams. For Seth, living a life of mediocrity is not an option, and it’s clear he’s up for making the most out of every opportunity. The aspiring photographer describes himself as shy, but that hasn’t slowed down his dating life. In fact, his aloof and mysterious demeanour tends to attract a lot of female attention. Seth is confident the Bachelorette will be intrigued by his authenticity, and that she will want to learn more about him and what he has to offer.            

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Benoît, 29
Hometown: Montreal, Que.
Occupation: Maitre D’

As a maître d’ in trendy Old Montréal, Benoît is constantly surrounded by a bevy of beauties, but he’s still searching for the love of his life. Benoît dreams of finding a loving wife and starting a family of his own, but he is holding out for the right girl – someone who knows what she wants, has a great sense of humour and is as outgoing and generous as he is. Benoît is ready to sweep the Bachelorette off her feet with his joie de vivre and his French accent. 

Kevin W, 32
Hometown: Waterloo, Ont.
Occupation: Ex-Navy/Firefighter

Kevin is a former Navy man and dedicated firefighter based in Toronto. He has put himself in many dangerous situations over the years, always with the goal of helping others. A family man at heart, Kevin talks to his mom every day and adores his little niece. His dream is to one day have a relationship as strong as his parents’ and a family of his own. He firmly believes there is one person out there just for him, and for Kevin, this could be his chance to finally meet her.

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‘The Bachelorette Canada’ premieres September 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

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