Giant dinosaur footprint discovered in Bolivia

Click to play video: 'One of the largest ever dinosaur footprints was found in Bolivia' One of the largest ever dinosaur footprints was found in Bolivia
Paleontologists believe that the metre-wide print discovered last month dates back some 80 million years and likely belongs to the meat-eating predator, the abelisaurus – Jul 29, 2016

One of the largest dinosaur footprints ever discovered has been found in Bolivia, and purely by accident.

A Bolivian tour guide came across the metre-wide footprint while touring 64 km outside of the city of Sucre.

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Paleontologists believe that the footprint belongs to the meat-eating abelisaurus, which roamed the region about 80 million years ago.

The footprint of the abelisaurus found in Bolivia. REUTERS/David Mercado

The abelisaurus was discovered early this month in Patagonia by Argentine paleontologists José F. Bonaparte and Fernando E. Novas. They named the dino in honour of Argentine paleotologist Roberto Abel.

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The region is known for its preservation of dinosaur tracks.

It’s believed that the abelisaurus was found across South America and Africa and moved on its hind legs, using its smaller front legs the way the Tyrannosaurus rex did. It measured between seven and nine metres tall.

Paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguia measures the footprint made by a meat-eating predator some 80 million years ago and one of the largest of its kind ever found, at the Maragua Syncline, Bolivia on July 21, 2016. REUTERS/David Mercado

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