Breakfast Buzz: Should bereavement time be allowed when a pet passes away?

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Should you get to take a bereavement day from work when your beloved pet passes away? – Jul 12, 2016

There’s no question we love our pets, but is that enough to allow for time off work when one passes? A recent Canadian blog argues just that.

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Under the Canadian Labour Code, which covers federally regulated industries, employees are entitle time off, or bereavement days, in the three working days after the passing of anyone in your ‘immediate family’. The argument is that your pet, who lives in your home and you spend most of your time off loving, is part of your family and therefore you should be allowed time off.

In Saskatchewan, employees are entitled to take up to five days off upon the death of an immediate family member under the Saskatchewan Labour Code.

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One study shows that most pet owners experience complicated grief or post traumatic stress in the six months following the passing of a pet.

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What do you think? Should bereavement time be allowed when a pet passes away? Or should employees who need the time off just use their sick days or vacation time?

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