One man’s hate for Pokemon Go has gone viral

Click to play video: 'Not everyone in Vancouver is a fan of Pokemon Go'
Not everyone in Vancouver is a fan of Pokemon Go
One Vancouver man is fighting back against all the players showing up in his garden trying to catch Pokemon. Now his sign is getting international attention. Tanya Beja reports – Jul 18, 2016

James Roy’s East Vancouver garden has suddenly become a magnet for people in search of virtual treasure.

“They said ‘Hey Man, can we come in and catch the Pokemon’ and I thought it was an animal, maybe a cat,” said Roy.

The smart-phone wielding visitors weren’t looking for a lost pet but a Pokestop – where people can collect supplies to capture Pokemon.

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So his apartment has become a hot spot on the Pokemon Go game that has captured the attention of players worldwide.

After witnessing people peer into his backyard two nights in a row, Roy put up a sign calling Pokemon GO the stupidest thing he’s ever seen.

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“I have lived through Hammer pants, Crystal Pepsi…the Macarena, Ten Seasons of CSI:Miami,” reads his sign.

Neighbours posted photos of the sign on various social media sites and has since gone viral.

It has since generated thousands of comments from both Pokemon fans and foes worldwide.

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Some accuse Roy of being uptight, while others applaud his initiative.

“I’m not a grumpy old man saying don’t have fun. But we have kale here! Don’t step on the kale!” said Roy.

He admits the approach was tongue in cheek, but hopes players will respect private property.

Roy’s sign was vandalized once. He hopes the Pokemon GO trend will stop before he has to replace it again.

“It’ll be over in a couple of weeks, it’s a fad, just like all these things were.”

The game officially launched in Canada Sunday afternoon.

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