Mysterious green bugs invade New Brunswick community

Click to play video: 'Community west of Fredericton bugging out after mysterious green insects invade area'
Community west of Fredericton bugging out after mysterious green insects invade area
WATCH ABOVE: Adrienne South takes a look at a mysterious green insect that seems to be all over the place in a community west of Fredericton and no one seems to know exactly what they are – Jul 17, 2016

Residents of a New Brunswick community say strange green bugs are taking over their properties- and no one seems to know what they are.

People in Upper Kingsclear, N.B., a community located approximately 20 kilometres west of Fredericton, say they started noticing the bugs at the beginning of June.

Resident Kayla Hunt told Global News that no one in the community has seen them before.  Hunt said no one seems to know what type of bug they are, or where they came from.

“They are annoying ’cause they land on you.  Like, if you’re just sitting in the backyard relaxing, they’ll land kind of all over you and they’re annoying cause they’re in the pool, they’re in the filter, they’re where every you go-they’re in the rain gutters that’s kind of caused a blockage if it rains,” Hunt said.

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Hunt told Global News that neighbours are wondering the same thing.

“Nobody really knows [what they are]. One of the neighbours had posted on Facebook, ‘you know I have these green bugs everywhere, not sure what they are, does anyone kind of know? And we had a whole bunch of people say ‘hey I have those all over my property or my yard too’, but nobody kind of knows what they are,” Hunt said.

David Cairns, who lives down the road from Hunt, says he has them on his property as well. Cairns says they’re all over his property and says he’s not sure how to get rid of them.

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“I washed the vehicles today and you just nicely get them washed and they’re, you can just see them, they’re all over the place.  Really not in any particular area, they’re just all over the place,” Cairns said.

Replies to a neighbour’s post on Facebook indicted that they could be stink bugs, but Hunt told Global News she’s touched the bugs and squashed them and hasn’t smelt anything unusual.

Hunt has a garden and says she’s been inspecting her plants frequently, but she hasn’t been able to notice any damage to her plants.  Hunt says the bugs become lazy and tend to hide on rainy days, but she’s still noticed them around her pool.

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Adrienne South/Global News

Staff from the Upper Kingsclear Fire Department also told Global News they have seen the bugs around the fire station, but they’ve only found ones that are already dead.

Global News attempted to call several pest control experts but were unable to reach anyone on Sunday June 17, 2016.

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