Driver’s head cam records moment he crashes into wall to avoid car overtaking another vehicle

WATCH ABOVE: A car was left flipped on its side after the driver of the vehicle served off the road to avoid an oncoming car trying to overtake another motorist.

WARNING: Video contains language not suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

A video posted on YouTube showed the moment a driver swerved out of a road and crashed into a wall to avoid another vehicle trying to overtake a motorist.

The three-minute video posted on YouTube shows Christopher Telford in his Toyota Yaris driving down a road in Lancaster, UK on July 1 when in the distance, there was a blue BMW heading towards him in the lane.

Telford could be seen in the footage swerving his car out of the road to avoid the head-on collision – only to crash into a wall on the side of the road as his car flipped over.

“Well that was f—king scary,” Telford was immediately heard saying after the crash.

He even managed to exit his vehicle on his own.

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Telford wrote on the YouTube post that he escaped the incident “with some whiplash and muscular injuries (badly strained left arm) and a cut elbow” and felt “very lucky to walk away from this one.”

According to Telford, he believed the driver of the BMW was trying to get in front of the motorist ahead of him while going uphill, therefore not being able to see if there was any oncoming vehicles in the lane over the hill.

“He didn’t have enough visibility to be sure overtaking was safe,” Telford wrote. “When he saw me coming towards him, I believe he accelerated to make it past the other car instead of braking and falling behind. This is why I had to brake hard – I could see the speed at which the collision would occur was increasing and the amount of time I had to get past decreasing as he accelerated towards me.”

And even though Telford totalled his car, he wrote that there was some good that came out of the crash, including other drivers and witnesses getting involved to make sure everything and everyone was okay.

Also, Telford’s wrote his licese was “still clean.”

“No penalty points,” he wrote “The police are handling things regarding the blue BMW driver.”

Telford noted he was coincidentally wearing a head camera because he was testing news settings on it.

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