Famous bachelor parties that started with the Spartans


A look at the origins of bachelor parties and some infamous stags:

5th century B.C.: It’s widely believed that the ancient Spartans were the first to celebrate a man’s final night of singlehood, according to Time magazine.

Spartan soldiers are believed to have gathered over a feast on the eve of the wedding to toast the groom.

Dec. 19, 1896: A stag party thrown by American Herbert Barnum Seeley — a grandson of famous showman P.T. Barnum — for his brother was raided by police after rumours circulated that a famous belly dancer would be performing nude, according to Time.

1949: Actor Jimmy Stewart held his bachelor party at legendary Hollywood hangout Chasen’s, according to the book Bachelor Party Confidential.

It featured two midgets, dressed only in diapers, popping out of a silver serving dish.

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March 2003: Thomas Bruderman, former star trader at Fidelity Investments, held a lavish bachelor party that landed him in financial regulators’ crosshairs, Reuters reported.

There was a yacht, visits to strip clubs and a dwarf hired for entertainment, but regulators found much of it was paid for by brokers seeking Fidelity’s business.

Dec. 2005: Elton John and his Canadian partner David Furnish held a star-studded joint bachelor party in London’s West End, according to the Associated Press.

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Shirtless waiters wearing black ties and riding boots served flutes of champagne to guests, who included Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Elizabeth Hurley, Bryan Adams, Gary Barlow and Kid Rock.

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