North Battleford, Sask. under city-wide precautionary drinking water advisory

North Battleford, Sask. remains under a city-wide precautionary drinking water advisory after a valve leak discovered in the water tower. File / Global News

A city-wide precautionary drinking water advisory (PDWA) remains in place for North Battleford, Sask.

The PDWA was issued on July 6 after a valve leak was discovered in the water tower and a small amount of water made its way into the distribution system.

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City officials said they immediately informed the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency who informed them to issue the city-wide PDWA.

On Friday, officials said all water samples have shown chlorine in the water is at normal levels, with no contamination present.

The PDWA will remain in place until the valve on the water tower can be repair or replaced, which cannot be done until scheduled maintenance is completed, which is expected on July 10.

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After that, water samples will be taken to a Saskatoon lab for testing to ensure the water is safe for consumption.

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Until the PDWA is lifted, water should be boiled for a least one minute before consumption, which includes brushing teeth, making ice cubes, and washing fruits and vegetables.

People are also advised not to drink from public fountains and to use an alternate water source if they do not wish to boil water.

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