Timeline: Jason Kenney’s plan to unite the right in Alberta

WATCH ABOVE: One day after announcing he will run for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party, Jason Kenney made a stop in Edmonton. During a one-on-one interview with Global News' Gord Steinke, Kenney outlined his plans for Alberta should he become leader of the party.

Conservative MP Jason Kenney says he wants to unite Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party and the Wildrose to create a new free-enterprise party. Here is the timeline he foresees for his plan.

Oct. 1: The Progressive Conservative leadership campaign officially launches. Kenney to resign his seat in Parliament and run a campaign based on uniting with the Wildrose.

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March 18, 2017: Progressive Conservatives pick a new leader. Kenney says that if he wins, he will immediately attempt to negotiate a “framework agreement” with the Wildrose on a united party.

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Summer 2017: Both parties to submit an agreement to their memberships for a vote in an “open and democratic referendum.” If it is approved by a “clear majority,” the new party would be constituted at a founding convention. A new name would be up to the party, but Kenney says he likes the ring of the Conservative Party of Alberta.

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Winter 2017-2018: The new party holds a leadership race. Kenney says he would put his name forward.

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May 2018: New party begins seeking a team of candidates to run in 2019 provincial election.

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March 1, 2019: Under Alberta’s Elections Act, the window opens for the provincial general election call. The vote must be held before the end of May.

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