Cheap eats in Calgary: where to dine for less than $10

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3 best summer eats under $10
WATCH ABOVE: Food and restaurant writer John Gilchrist joins Global Calgary Morning for a breakdown of the top summer eats under $10 in Calgary – Jul 5, 2016

Now that summer is in full swing, it can be much more tempting to dine out than fire up the oven in the heat of the late afternoon. Unfortunately, eating out too often can leave your wallet feeling a little lighter. Enter Calgary food writer John Gilchrist. He accepted Global News Morning’s challenge to find a handful of great summer eats for less than $10 per serving.

Gilchrist described Jerusalem Shawarma‘s shawarma and falafel sandwiches as “remarkably good.” The family-owned restaurant is located along 16 Avenue N.W. and each option costs just $9.

“When you order the falafel they go into the dough, form the dough and fry it for you right then so it’s nice and hot.”

If a delicious but budget-conscious breakfast is what you’re after, Gilchrist recommended the $9.95 bacon and egg pannenkoek from Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus. Located along 54 Avenue S.W., Gilchrist said the Dutch pancakes are “quite flat, almost like a crepe. But you look at it and you go, ‘well I could eat three or four of those,’ but by the time you’ve had one that’s enough.”

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Coming in at exactly $10 is the burger and fries plate at Rocky’s Burger, located at the east entrance to Crossroads Market. Calgary’s original food truck is known for their “immense burgers,” which Gilchrist advised not to underestimate.

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“When you go the first time, only order a single. Do not order a double the first time, it’s just too much.”

A bowl of pho at Forest Lawn’s Pho Binh Minh is Gilchrist’s most budget-friendly pick. It has a price of $7.50 and if you’re up against the clock, Gilchrist said you can get a great meal within 20 minutes.

A Calgary staple rounds out Gilchrist’s picks for great, affordable food. Located in Inglewood, Spolumbo’s meatball or sausage sandwich costs $8.

“I like the meatball sandwich because it is so messy,” laughed Gilchrist.”Do not wear anything white.”

Tune in Wednesday morning for cheap entertainment options in the city, and check out Monday’s segment with Leslie Horton on family-friendly fun below:

Click to play video: '3 things to do with your family in Calgary for less than $10'
3 things to do with your family in Calgary for less than $10

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