Canada Day 2016: Answering the world’s questions about Canada

Click to play video: 'Happy Canada Day!: Here are some things you probably didn’t know'
Happy Canada Day!: Here are some things you probably didn’t know
WATCH ABOVE: Friday, July 1 marks Canada Day but there’s probably a few fun facts you didn’t know, including the name of the longest lake in the country. Here’s a hint: It’s 31 letters long. Farah Nasser has more – Jun 30, 2016

How do I move to Canada? And is weed legal there? As people across the country get ready to celebrate Canada Day 2016 (the country’s 149th birthday) on Friday, Google has released the top questions the rest of the world is asking about the Great White North.

Whether attempting to escape the polarizing U.S. election or in the wake of the stunning Brexit vote, “How to move to Canada?” is the most searched for term according to the Google trends data.

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Disgruntled Americans have threatened to move to Canada several times, but it was the result of last Friday’s EU referendum vote that saw an uptick in those Googling how to move across the pond.

And for those looking to actually make the move, here are four ways to become a permanent resident or work in Canada.

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Other top queries include “what time is it in Canada?” (there are six different time zones) and “what is the capital of Canada?” (Note: It’s Ottawa, not Toronto.)

Is weed legal in Canada? No it’s not – right now. The popularity of the question though may stem from the increased attention around the Liberal government’s plan to legalize marijuana.

WATCH: The closing moments of a spectacular fireworks display over Parliament Hill on Canada Day. 
Click to play video: 'Fireworks light up night sky over Parliament Hill on Canada Day'
Fireworks light up night sky over Parliament Hill on Canada Day

While the medical use of marijuana is legal, the federal government has announced a task force aimed at studying the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana use, with a new law expected to be tabled in the spring of 2017.

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And “Where is Fort McMurray?” may be the result of the devastating wildfires that swept through the northern Alberta community (about 435 kilometres away from Edmonton).

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Many Canadians will gather around the BBQ this long weekend and for those looking for inspiration beyond the hamburger and hot dog turned to the Internet for help.

WATCH: Canadians across the country celebrated Canada’s 149th birthday. As Shirlee Engel reports, bad weather held off long enough for thousands of people to enjoy the party on Parliament Hill. 
Click to play video: 'Thousands turn out to Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill'
Thousands turn out to Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill

‘Chicken drumstick’ and ‘mojito’ topped Google’s list of most-searched Canada Day recipes for 2016, while some others on the list were a little more surprising.

Google’s Top Trending Canada Day Recipes

  1. Chicken drumstick
  2. Mojito
  3. Butter Tart
  4. Chicken Cacciatore
  5. Apple Pie
  6. Chocolate-covered strawberries
  7. Lasagna
  8. Greek Salad
  9. Haddock Fillet
  10. Mashed Cauliflower

Want to know more about the habits of Canadians like how much people in Manitoba drink or how many in Canada actually smoke? Take our Canada Day quiz to find out.

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WATCH: New Syrian Canadians celebrated their first Canada Day in Vaughan, ON.
Click to play video: 'Syrian Canadians celebrate Canada Day'
Syrian Canadians celebrate Canada Day

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