Toronto couple turns to social media in hopes of adopting baby

Toronto couple turns to social media in hopes of adopting baby.
WATCH ABOVE: A Toronto couple’s online efforts to becomes parents have garnered a lot of attention. The pair posted a video on Facebook pitching themselves as prospective parents. Christina Stevens reports.

Nick Carkner and Chris Ide want a baby to complete their family. Married two years, they knew from the day they met they wanted to be parents.

“I think it was one of the first questions we asked,” remembered Carkner with a smile.

“We love our families to death,” added Ide. “And I can’t imagine not having kids, to be quite honest.”

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The couple wants to share the kind of childhoods they had with kids of their own.

“We all had matching, little overalls, me and my brothers and we wore them every single day,” said Carkner, while bursting out in laughter as he browsed through old photo albums from the 80’s.

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Having gone through the exhaustive interview process for adoption in Ontario they have been approved. However, they decided to pursue private adoption.

Instead of being on a provincial wait list, they hope a mom will pick them to adopt her child.

So the pair are pitching themselves as prospective parents, with a video on Facebook.

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The video has already had close to 50,000 shares and the couple is hoping every share will spread the word and increase their chances.

They joked that finding a baby this way is like online dating.

“We met online. We met our dogs online, so only fitting that we meet our future children online I suppose,” said Ide.

Both were excited to share why the other is great father material.

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“I love kids and every time I see Chris with kids, he’s totally natural,” said Carkner.

“NIck is the most selfless person I’ve ever met. I think he would just make the best dad in the entire world,” added Ide.

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As for gender, the couple said it really doesn’t matter.

“We don’t care. We are honestly happy with either a boy or a girl,” said Carkner.

They said right now the hardest part is waiting to hear from a parent who’d consider letting them adopt their child.

There have been no leads yet, but they said the support they have received is overwhelming and they ended their video with love, both speaking at once.

“Thanks for your time, we love you lots and adios.”