Extreme heat hits southern Alberta

Click to play video: 'Extreme heat hits southern Alberta' Extreme heat hits southern Alberta
WATCH ABOVE: A heat warning remains in effect for much of southern Alberta. While a lot of people love the heat and hope it stays around for the foreseeable future, it does bring with it a certain amount of risk. Global’s Quinn Campbell reports – Jun 6, 2016

Temperatures are expected to be near or over 30 degrees Celsius for the next few days in Lethbridge, spurring Environment Canada to issue a heat warning for the city along with other parts of southern Alberta.

The warning, issued in partnership with Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta Health, encourages people to be cautious when in the heat.

There are some people who need to be extra cautious when temperatures get very high, especially children and the elderly.

Lethbridge School District No. 51 takes certain precautions for students when temperatures get extreme.

On Monday, Superintendent Cheryl Gilmore said parents can really help by making sure their kids are ready for the heat.

“Make sure they are wearing hats, dressed appropriately, have sunscreen on and stay hydrated,” she said. “Teachers, make sure to remind students through the day to drink lots of water.”

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Gilmore added that it’s best if parents apply sunscreen to small children before they leave for school, to ensure it gets put on.

Another group for whom heat poses a risk is people who work outside.

Alberta Health Services said it’s important employers follow guidelines when it comes to working in extreme heat and that employees make sure they take care of themselves and don’t get overexposed to the conditions. Unnoticed or untreated heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke which can be fatal.

AHS has a few key tips for people who are out in the heat:

-Frequently apply UV protection-sunblock and use SPF 30 or higher

-Wear a hat, sunglasses and light-coloured clothing

-Avoid exertion

-Hydrate frequently throughout the day

-Be aware of any symptoms of heat exhaustion like being dizzy or faint

AHS also said to not leave any children or pets in cars, even if they are left running with the air conditioning on. Air conditioning can fail and leave those most vulnerable in a very bad situation.

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