Alberta WCB hostage taker poses risk on release if not monitored: parole board

WATCH ABOVE: In about three weeks the man who took nine people hostage at the WCB building was scheduled for statutory release. But there are concerns about Patrick Clayton's drug use and violence, so the federal parole board has imposed new restrictions. Kendra Slugoski reports.

The federal parole board says an Alberta man who took nine hostages in an Edmonton office building in 2009 is still a risk to society and should live in a halfway house when released.

Forty-five-year-old Patrick Clayton is scheduled for mandatory release on June 12, but the parole board indicates in its latest decision that the man still has a potential for violence.

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Clayton was granted day parole last November after serving about four years of his sentence for storming a Workers’ Compensation Board office with a loaded rifle and holding hostages in a room for about 10 hours.

The decision says Clayton has used drugs while on parole and there is a connection between substance use and his earlier violent offences.

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The board concluded the oversight Clayton has received so far is not sufficient, and that he would benefit from better access to supports where his day-to-day behaviours are watched.

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Clayton must also abide by conditions including not consuming alcohol or drugs, following his treatment plan, reporting intimate relationships with women and not associating with people who misuse substances.