Caught on camera: Medieval era re-enactor downs drone with spear

Click to play video 'Medieval era re-enactor downs drone with spear' Medieval era re-enactor downs drone with spear
WATCH ABOVE: Noble Medieval era re-enactor takes down flying drone with spear – May 16, 2016

Perhaps the greatest feat a noble knight can achieve: a flying drone has been slayed and it was caught on the drone’s camera.

According to Gizmodo, the drone was flying overhead at a medieval re-enactment camp in Lipetsk, Russia taking video footage of festivities.

One of the participants, dressed in full battle armament, chucked his spear at the drone forcing it to tumble in the air and crash straight to the ground.

This medieval re-enactor is not the only one wary of flying drones. Dutch police are training eagles to take down drones that pose a security threat.