Better Winnipeg: Comedian drives home message about bullying at Winnipeg schools

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Better Winnipeg: Comedian drives message about bullying at Winnipeg schools
Better Winnipeg: Comedian drives message about bullying at Winnipeg schools – May 12, 2016

Winnipeg comedian Big Daddy Tazz has combined his love of cars and making people laugh, with a powerful message about bullying.

Tazz is rolling out a bright coloured vehicle called the NT Bully Machine to Winnipeg schools as part of his presentation.

After talking about bullying and his personal experiences, Tazz asks students to take an anti-bullying oath and then sign the car.

His idea both playful and symbolic, “I thought, let’s buy a fantastic vehicle, wrap in some crazy pink and some other colours and get the kids to sign the vehicle,” said Tazz.

“Then when the kids see it driving around they remember I signed a pledge not to bully.”

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Sun Valley School was the first stop.  Four hundred students filed into the gymnasium. Cathy Paul, the school’s teacher librarian invited Tazz.

“When the kids recited the oath they were completely and utterly wrapped up in it.”

With his goatie coloured pink, Tazz draws students in, opening up the door to a candid message about a serious issue.

“I decided no child should go through what I went through due to something as simple as low self-esteem,” said Tazz.

Not only does Tazz talk about the impact of being a target of bullying, he also admits to taking on the hurtful role in a struggle to fight back.

“I don’t remember a lot of the beatings I took but I almost remember every word someone has said to me,” said Tazz.

“This whole idea of sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me, is wrong. Names cut you right to your core and make you doubt who you are.”

Big Daddy Tazz attracts a crowd of students with his pink goatee and NT Bully Machine.
Students at Sun Valley School in Winnipeg sign their names on the NT Bully Machine. Eva Kovacs/Global News
Students at Sun Valley School offer lots of hugs to Big Daddy Tazz after anti-bullying presentation . Eva Kovacs/Global News
Tazz shares message about bullying to 400 students at Sun Valley School . Eva Kovacs/Global News

Tazz has already collected over 1,000 signatures on his NT Bully Machine. Every signatures comes with a pledge to stop bullying. Essentially planting a seed at a young age that will hopefully grow with the students Tazz visits with.

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“They will remember this day,” said Paul.  “They will remember Tazz and they will remember signing this vehicle.”

You can email for information about Tazz’s NT Bully Machine.

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