April 28, 2016 2:55 pm

Wild turkey troubles prompt Brandon police to offer tips to the public

A flock of wild turkeys, similar to the ones pictured, is causing headaches in Brandon, Manitoba.

File photo submitted by: Robert Dvorski

A flock of wild turkeys is causing headaches in Brandon, Manitoba.

Over the past few years the birds have made themselves at home in the southeast corner of the Wheat City but only recently have the complaints started to pour in to the Brandon Police Service.

A news release from the police Thursday said the complaints focused on "the turkeys roosting and feeding on private property."

The report said Brandon Police Service animal control officers as well as a Manitoba Wildlife biologist have responded to the calls to offer advice for how to deal with the birds.

The police say the turkeys are trapped during the winter to be relocated but that isn’t a possible solution in the summer.

“Trapping is not a viable option in summer as the turkeys don’t flock together in one place and can find other food sources more readily,” said the police news release.

The service is now sharing the tips with the public in hopes of avoiding future complaints.

  • Don’t feed wild turkeys
  • Scare away problem turkeys
  • Encourage roosting turkeys to move elsewhere
  • Protect your garden from turkeys
  • Watch out for turkeys on the road


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