Countries with higher wages than Canada

According to the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canadian workers aren’t doing too badly when it comes to income.

Data shows that the country ranks tenth among the OECD’s 34 member states in terms of average wages. In 2013, the latest year under review, the average was $47,794 per year. What’s more, Canada’s real minimum wage in 2015 was $8.20 per hour.

So which countries are doing better in terms of economic compensation than the Great White North? Here’s the official list, with figures in U.S. dollars.

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In ninth spot was Belgium – the country’s citizens make an average wage of $48,102 per year. Its real minimum wage in 2015 was $10 per hour.

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The average wage in this Danish country was $48,761 per year in 2013. Denmark doesn’t have a minimum wage, but its trade unions ensure workers are paid fairly.

The Netherlands

The seventh highest average wage among OECD member states was found in The Netherlands: $51,357 per year. The Dutch real minimum wage in 2015 was $9.60 per hour.


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Australia ranked sixth in terms of highest average wages, at $51,374 per year. In Australia, the real minimum wage in 2015 was $10.90 per hour.

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With its citizens averaging $51,446 per year, Norway came in fifth. The country is another place that doesn’t have a minimum wage, though all workers are paid fairly well.

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Ireland had the world’s fourth highest average wage, $52,602 per year. The Irish real minimum wage was $8.70 per hour.


In third spot was Switzerland, where the average wage was $56,461 per year. Switzerland doesn’t have a minimum wage.

United States

The United States ranked second, with American workers earning an average wage of $56,811 per year. However, the real minimum wage in 2015 was only $7.20 per hour.


The country with the highest average wage was Luxembourg, with $60,214 per year. The country also had the highest real minimum wage in 2015, at $11.20 per hour.

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