Zach Fenlon shares joy of ‘Life with Soran,’ boy with down syndrome

Click to play video: 'Zach Fenlon chronicles adventures with boy with Down Syndrome' Zach Fenlon chronicles adventures with boy with Down Syndrome
WATCH ABOVE: Zach Fenlon, a 20-year-old from Beaconsfield, chronicles his adventures with Soran, who has Down Syndrome, and posts it on his YouTube channel. As Felicia Parrillo reports, the two hope to break barriers by showcasing the abilities of people living with Down Syndrome – Apr 20, 2016

DORVAL – Twenty-year-old Zach Fenlon is doing some great things.

He has become the “big brother” to eight-year-old Soran Roach, who has down syndrome.

For the last few months he’s been documenting his time with him through social media.

Fenlon met Soran two years ago through WIAIH, a West Island association that serves the intellectually handicapped.

Since then, they’ve built an indescribable connection.

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“I see him twice, if not three times a week,” said Fenlon. “I see him every Thursday for the program amuse action and every Sunday, we have Life with Soran.”

Life with Soran is a YouTube channel Fenlon created a few months ago. Every week, with each activity the pair does, a clip is made and posted to YouTube.

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“I like making these videos for people to watch and enjoy and also to raise awareness of the abilities with people with down syndrome,” said Fenlon.

Soran’s mom, Sonia Guarascio, said when Fenlon told her about his idea, she immediately jumped on board.

“For me, this whole Life with Soran is really to spread the awareness that they’re amazing individuals and they can have a regular life like anyone else,” she said.

So whether they go to a Habs game, apple picking, or even just doing Soran’s homework, Fenlon — who’s interested in filmmaking — records, edits and posts the clip online.

“He makes me smile every time when I’m with him,” said Fenlon. “And I kind of thought, when I first started hanging out with him one on one , ‘if this one boy’s smile has the power to make my day what kind of filmmaker would I be if I kept it to myself?'”

Guarascio said the pair are a match made in heaven.

“To me it’s really not, ‘big brother’ — it’s really like they’re family,”she said. “He loves him like he’s his own and it’s nice to see Soran make someone else so happy.”

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