‘You need to clean this up’: Snoop Dogg not impressed with Vancouver’s DTES

Snoop Dogg, pictured Oct. 23 2015, is making his first venture into the Canadian cannabis industry. Manuel Nauta/NurPhoto/REX Shutterstock

Rapper Snoop Dogg was in Vancouver over the weekend and used his Instagram account to voice some of his frustrations with the city.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Snoop appears to be in a car driving in the Downtown Eastside, talking about how he was “hassled” at the border when entering Canada.

He seemed baffled by the fact that he gets questioned at the border when the Vancouver has “an alley where they pass out needles to do heroin at.”

He then proceeds to say “y’all need to raise up off me Canada.”

He ends his video with “this is terrible.”

Snoop has been vocal about his frustrations with Canadian border officials in the past, often documenting his interactions on Instagram.

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Snoop’s video is below – warning very strong language used:

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