Manitoba Election 2016: Flin Flon riding

Summary: Clarence Pettersen won the riding for the NDP in 2011 but lost the nomination for the riding in 2015. He will be running without a party as an independent. Tom Lindsey will run for the NDP. Rookie candidates from the Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties will try to take the NDP stronghold from the party that’s held the riding since the 1970’s.

Boundaries: The Grass River Provincial Park lies along the southern border of the Flin Flon riding. The city of Flin Flon lies in the southwestern point of this riding while Colvin Lake Provincial Park takes up the northwestern corner. This riding also holds the towns of Snow Lake and Lynn Lake.

Last Election: The NDP’s Clarence Pettersen took the riding with 56 per cent of the votes. The PCs took 23 per cent, the Liberals claimed 15 per cent and the Green Party took home three per cent.

History: The Flin Flon riding has been home to an NDP MLA for decades dating back to the 1970’s.


NDP: Tom Lindsey, retired

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Progressive Conservative: Angela Enright, business consultant

Liberal: Leslie Joan Beck, retired RCMP

Independent: Clarence Pettersen